So today i been reflecting about my own future and what i see my future work as. For the past year and a half i keep reading so much negativity and people lifting the problematic areas. I myself realise the hardships that alot of preschools have every single day every single week every single year. […]

Today have been slow, got told i been screaming in my sleep.. No idea why tho since i dont remember what i was dreaming.. Speaking of dreams before i woke up i dreamt i bought and restored an old mansion and turned it into a bed and breakfast.. Dreams are good to have but some […]

The beginning of 2018, what a year it has been! I have traveled twice, been to both bikes and cars excibits, started studying, streaming alot, meet amazing new people, been going on a rollercoaster in my personal life (both physically and mentally). Been doing alot of selfevaluation, and getting abit closer to understanding who i […]

To start of this week i have decided to take it slow and do my best this week, now for 3 days in a row i have had a headache but that is probably a combination of lack of sleep and the cold. But it gets better atleast i hope it will.  Yesterdays blogpost was […]

So today i went through the future exam that is coming in January (5 weeks from tomorrow) and i just thought holy this will be a tough one. But that wasnt all that came flooding over me today. I have these days when all i can think of is the sad parts of life and […]