To start off todays blogpost i wanna say i hope your temperature is higher then here! I am seeing the thermometer and it shows -21 degrees celsius.. I DONT WANNA LEAVE MY WARM BLANKETS! But yea monday and final week of internship.. It feels weird and abit sad that 4 soon 5 weeks already have […]

So yea the internship is going good! Its already the second week and almost its over time flies like crazy! But even tho my life is doing good atm im still reading the news and gets feedback constantly so i have problem filtering everything out… Well today i learned that tigers and lions can be […]

This week have been challenging and energy is down the drain, i am feeling really unmotivated today so i wont be really making this a long post cause i just cant think of what is going through my head so i will be back tomorrow with a new post when i collected my head and […]

Today was the day, my earphones broke. They have been having issues for awhile now and today they finally broke down.. So as a backup plan until i can buy new ones im using my old headset earphones the ones that the mic dont work but earphones work.. I will be ordering new headphones, i […]

All day today i have been feeling strange and like not sick or anything.. More like im genuinly sad deep inside without no perticular reason.. This song have been speaking to me on a deeper level today.. might be why i feel sad.. And the lyrics “Are we not the same” just keeps resonating with […]

Yea this topic pretty much gives and accurate summary of how my Sunday has been.. This morning it was snowing abit, but it went from snow to rain.. can we stop getting snow now and move on to spring?! I also been lazy and majority of this Sunday was spent watching Youtube and Netflix, BUT […]

So today i went through the future exam that is coming in January (5 weeks from tomorrow) and i just thought holy this will be a tough one. But that wasnt all that came flooding over me today. I have these days when all i can think of is the sad parts of life and […]