Thursday breakfast cake is best cake and an argument ruined my day..

Today we had leftover cake wich ofcourse needed to be eaten! And since its the day after my bithday why not eat the rest of the cake for breakfast.

But after breakfast that is when this day took a sour turn, cause my mom made quite a nasty comment towards me that made me really upset and i just hung up on her cause i was so dissapointed in how she said it.

Yes my mom is my mom but that comment, that ever so slight comment ruined my whole day. I was sad to have to deal with stuff like that the day after my birthday. But life itself is hurting and harmful and you just need to let it go.

But yea the rest of the day i was feeling down from that comment and i just didnt know how to deal with all these emotions so i decided to talk to the person who is staying with me cause i just needed to ease up all the thoughts i have in my head.

So we spent the whole evening with me just talking and processing and dealing with the comment and what i should do and how i could go about it.

I have stopped trying to surpress all my feelings and thoughts, cause it just leaves me with no real way of handling the whole situation as i should be doing. Im done with having psychological issues, i am in a good place atm and there is where i wanna stay and i will stay cause i have support that is amazing.

But yea hopefully tomorrow will be better. But remember if you make a comment make sure that it is what you wanna say and not what you just gonna say!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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