So it was just a matter of time before i would lose it one way or another… So after work today i got home and was hanging out on discord talking to people i was tired and didnt feel up for it.. well i snapped like there was no tomorrow. I left the discord call […]

So yea today started at 6am with me waking up from a dream which made me fuming mad. In my dream i met 2 “kids” but their faces looked like they had melted for about a month or more like rotting and i just had them leave the area. (Seems i knew these kids cause […]

So i woke up and felt fairly rested, the issue was that after i got to work everything started to go downhill abit with my patience, today was a weird day so when i got home i had no energy and i felt annoyed at everything for the rest of the day. I am still […]

Today i really didnt have a title in mind BUT today have been weird… Work flew by and then when i got home it was then everything started going abit weirdly… Nothing really went my way so i will call it a day now, and tomorrow we are already at halfway point of the week! […]

Today have not been a good day at all… I have had one of those days where i am constantly annoyed by things.. Tho i believe it is also part of my allergies that are coming around, since it has been cold the pollen level has been on the low side.. But the past few […]

Today started at 6am with me going downstairs to find out that the tv wasnt working properly. So half asleep i was bombarded with tasks and rapid questions to fix it. I am gonna be honest i lost my temper and sat down said the people complain way to much and that this was a […]

So today i didnt wanna wake up i was completely out of the loop.. I couldnt move and my body just screamed stay in bed… I mean i wouldnt complain IF today wouldnt be lecture day but cause of this i missed it, this stupid flu and cough is killing my education. But next week […]