Saturday still feeling abit off

So yea ever since my episode yesterday i was feeling off, its normal cause all emotions and energy was ejected in those moments so yea no energy left but. Not being my normal energetic self came with a price as i go abit low and mellow for a few days after this happends. But i…… Continue reading Saturday still feeling abit off

Wednesday i am not at 100%

So today i been so tired, i have a severe lack of energy today and it could be felt as soon as i woke up, i was irritated at everything and everyone around me. Just a general bad start.. The rest of the evening went fine and tomorrow is a new day! //Dan

Friday last day of work for this week.

This week have really pushed alot, but it has contained both good and bad things. Today was fun tho, was outside alot. The sun was shining and even the birds were singing… Its freaking January not March/April!… After i got home i was dead tired and felt drained after this week. I also noticed that…… Continue reading Friday last day of work for this week.