So today i been having a fun time at work, been putting up decorations around the yard and even started working on other things, also had a meeting with my boss and that went great. But now ima call it a day and i will see what this weekend offers! //Dan

So today was intresting we have started a book project at work and today we got new books. So now we had to make new cards for each book bag. So 2 hours was spent working on it and it was fun and time flew. But my back was not happy with me when i […]

Well i guess this will be a short post again cause i really feel abit weird today, i feel quite mellow still and i am having issues boosting myself up, but today was an okay day anyway. But i look myself in the mirror and wonder where i will be in 1-2 years. I am […]

So to start this post of i am gonna be talking to an online friend about doing a joined stream/video (serie) where we discuss different topics about: Depression, negativity, selfimage, sadness, self hate, suicide and more hard to discuss topics that we both feel we need to actually lift out to try break the stigma […]

So yea since my complete breakdown this Friday i have been low and mellow to the point where i dont have the energy output that i wish i had currently, sadly my emotional energy and level took a big hit so yea im still recharging. But i will keep charging the batteries and hopefully be […]

So after this weekend i decided to just have a relaxed day where i listened to music and just focused on nothing else. So ima just share a few songs with you all today! Idila – Dernière Danse: English cover (of Dernière Danse): Stellar Perry & Delta Goodrem – Running up the hill: Bukhu Ganburged […]

So yea ever since my episode yesterday i was feeling off, its normal cause all emotions and energy was ejected in those moments so yea no energy left but. Not being my normal energetic self came with a price as i go abit low and mellow for a few days after this happends. But i […]

So before you start reading this post i normally dont give a warning before reading cause i dont tend to do any graphical images or more in my post but today i will be using images that will represent how i am feeling and that should represent some really dark and disturbing themes so you […]

So today was intresting, since its easter break it was a calm day so i had the possibility to fix around the rooms. So alot of changes, fixes, cleaning later and it feels good! The day flew by and now its time for me to look forward to another day tomorrow! //Dan

Yea its coming closer and closer and in 8 weeks my uni life is over! Hopefully with a degree under my helt and my head held high! I am by no means not proud of what i have accomplished these 3.5 years, all exams i passed, all new people i met, teachers that been supportive, […]