So 2020 still keeps taking steps down the wrong path.. over and over again this year just keeps proving to me that this year is bad… I do have some good parts but for the world, humanity and life it is a really bad one… What happend to the world where we could feel ok […]

Today have not been a good day at all… I have had one of those days where i am constantly annoyed by things.. Tho i believe it is also part of my allergies that are coming around, since it has been cold the pollen level has been on the low side.. But the past few […]

So my ear is slightly better today, but that isnt a problem right now. I switched something for my shoes and i cant i really cant use it, it is supposed to take pressure of my heel and lowerback BUT it has the oposites effect so i am currently looking for new shoes wich should […]

So today was actually a really nice day! Sun was shining, blue sky above, abit cold tho but still manageble! But this past week i have had trouble sleeping cause it is so warm inside… also i lost abit of my hearing on my right ear so thats quite annoying… The doctors did say to […]

So today marked a day wich both contained really good news, wich i will share next week! But also some sad ones aswell, tho the sad ones i knew about a few months now but today was the doomsday… So there was a game called Maplestory 2 that was an highly anticipaded game when it […]

Today was a good day, i did enjoy the sun and a blue sky! The summer is slowly creeping closer and i am just now trying to enjoy my day to the fullest, cause now next week the 5th semester is officially over and summer is here! But now ima keep enjoying the day and […]

Yes today really started great with work and a warm gust of wind! It feels great and i cant wait for the rest of the summer to come tumbling in! So today at work i have been enjoying this weather and tomorrow im off work, on Wednesday i believe there is a lecture! But also […]

So today i spent at work, it was great and it is intresting everytime i work it really shows how much every new day is different! When i got home i kept working on the exam and managed to finish an text i will be reading in camera to be sent in… but i wasnt […]

Yesterdays great day left me crippled.. My legs are like logs and im stiff as a board so i have problem walking today.. Walking is okey, but bending down to pick up things are a challenge in more ways then one today.. luckily the weekend is here now so i can live with that! This […]