Yes today was a good day, finished the chores at home aswell as my written exam that i will be sending in tomorrow and hope it will be good enough for a passing grade. Tomorrow i have plans so im going out for Saturday and Sunday to relax and have alot of discussions, so that […]

Today started really good, the sunrise was shining through some clouds on the horizon and colored the sky bright orange/red. It looked so peaceful and awesome, i am abit weak for these type of mornings! The temperature was -7 degrees so it was really nice to walk in! The day continued and it started snowing […]

Yes today started with a hot oven and flour, salt, sugar,cinnamon and vanilla aroma filling my kitchen. Yes it was time to make some buns! Making the dough and let it rise took roughly 45 minutes. Then it took another hour before it was all done. The sun was shining outside aswell so it was […]

Today i went to the movies again, been a month since the last time! But today the movies were: Countdown and 21 Bridges. Countdown is a horror drama movie, more horror then drama in my opinion. The movie is about an app called countdown that states that “do you wanna know when you will die” […]

Today was so calm, everything just flew by without much happening. Well the biggest thing that happend was during my bus journey to my internship. The bus broke and had to switch buses before getting off at my stop. I also was talking to someone about the fact that very few people are wearing reflexes […]

yea today was really foggy throughout the whole day it was quite nice, i like the fog it has some calming effect on me. But my head was still spinning throughout the day, but someone told me yesterday it can be because of illness that is waiting to break out, and today someone told me […]