Today i did my first showcase stream for the game im making, the general feedback was good and people pointed out good ideas that i will take with me in the future development. I am excited to see where this all will end up on, now for next week i got some remoduling to do […]

Today started with me waking up to a heavy sound from the rain on my window.. It is normally a really soothing sound but it was really hard so there was nothing soothing about it at all! Today i just felt like i dont wanna go out at all today, this weather just screams stay […]

So today after my grocery shopping and laundry i could sit down and spend some time streaming. Normally the last few streams i done 1-2 hours but today became 4 hours, with food break in the middle. Tho i had great fun and that is what is most important! I will get back at trying […]

So today started early cause i had to go to campus to do my retake exam in physics! It started 8am and it contained 9 questions, i didnt really feel that confident about the exam before it started. But it seems i did remember quite a few things from last semesters physics lectures, cause i […]

Today have taken quite a toll on me, i woke up and i could hardly move my arms. Probably been sleeping weirdly.. But this cold have made its way to my vocal cords so i am really hoarse.. probably will be for the next week or so. Tomorrow is lecture day and Thursday is retake […]

Today i went to work after the cold had me rest since Thursday, i still felt my throat but else it wasnt anything problematic. It was a calm day, weird weather tho with both sun and heavy showers at the same time.. The rest of the evening i used to watch some netflix and had […]