Monday seems we are out of food!

So yes today we enjoyed a relaxing day just letting the days go by without much else happening. Playing some final fantasy XIV and getting further into the story, wich i gotta say is getting very exciting now. Im only on the Havensword update so the second patch of final fantasy but its story is…… Continue reading Monday seems we are out of food!

Tuesday some relaxing and pool after work!

So today work went great and it went fast, i stayed at work after i finished cause we were gonna go out all the collegues together to a place for some socializing and relaxing. So 20 minutes in a car later and we were there at a big old house looking like a smaller mansion,…… Continue reading Tuesday some relaxing and pool after work!

Saturday, food, gaming and just talking.

So yea today have been spent with getting and preparing food, watching something on netflix aswell as playing some marioparty and it has been good enough to actually spend the day doing that. It has been exactly what was needed for the day and now i am preparing myself for next week as we have…… Continue reading Saturday, food, gaming and just talking.


So today was/is the easter eve! So i just wanna take todays post to wish everyone a happy easter! In my family the traditional food is: Salmon, ham, meatballs, potatoes, a gratain,redbeet sallad and shrimps. To be fair i always eat to much and today was no different… but it was so good! Tomorrow is…… Continue reading HAPPY EASTER!

Thursday grocery shopping for easter!

Today was the day when i decided to do most (i was hoping all) shopping for these days of easter.. But that was not the case… All primary food is bought but still lacking things to make deserts and some other important things, so that will be bought tomorrow! Then i dont have to go…… Continue reading Thursday grocery shopping for easter!