Tuesday relaxing!

So today my friend came over and we just chilled playing some games and socialized wich is something i atleast felt like i needed! It was great fun after all cleaning and fixing it was nice having an extra pair of eyes coming with a few suggestions on how to set things up since i…… Continue reading Tuesday relaxing!

Saturday life is changing forever..

Its weird as life truely always will surprice me in so many different ways. Today was no exception. I have been talking to a guy for several days about a week now and we just click, both emotionally and mentally. We share intrests games and values. I just feel really weird how much I truely…… Continue reading Saturday life is changing forever..

Sunday the three circles of life and accepting myself..

Yea todays topic will be all about my desires, my wants and what terrifies my very core and this will not be the easiest post I ever done cause im really going deep into myself and I was not sure if this post would even be created, still not sure why I am posting this..…… Continue reading Sunday the three circles of life and accepting myself..