Sunday the three circles of life and accepting myself..

Yea todays topic will be all about my desires, my wants and what terrifies my very core and this will not be the easiest post I ever done cause im really going deep into myself and I was not sure if this post would even be created, still not sure why I am posting this..…… Continue reading Sunday the three circles of life and accepting myself..

Saturday, food, gaming and just talking.

So yea today have been spent with getting and preparing food, watching something on netflix aswell as playing some marioparty and it has been good enough to actually spend the day doing that. It has been exactly what was needed for the day and now i am preparing myself for next week as we have…… Continue reading Saturday, food, gaming and just talking.

Friday sometimes just having plans enough

So yea today i started off with work and it was a good start even tho i had to be abit everywhere i guess it felt like that. I had to fix some things up and then i had to go sit down wich was fine and then i just kept going about various things…… Continue reading Friday sometimes just having plans enough

Monday lets be serious.

So today is a new week and its been a good day and all but when i got home i felt really drained and uninspired. I know a few things im really passionate about but i dont really talk about them in real life. So i feel like bringing them up here and why my…… Continue reading Monday lets be serious.

Friday soon weekend!

Today was last workday of work week. Now onto this weekend where i will just relax and play some games and just movies for the full weekend. I hope you will have a good weekend! //Dan

Wednesday meeting my friends.

So today started really early when i post this i been up for almost 22 hours.. Woke up before 5am shaking and cold sweat. I had a minor panic attack because i had a really bad dream that had me terrified. But around 12pm me and my friend tried taking the last gold statue for…… Continue reading Wednesday meeting my friends.