So today is a new week and its been a good day and all but when i got home i felt really drained and uninspired. I know a few things im really passionate about but i dont really talk about them in real life. So i feel like bringing them up here and why my […]

So i decided to try out the remastered version of destroy all humans, the old one i only seen videos about and i liked the premise of the game. You play as Crypto a cloned Alien who needs to go to earth to find his previous clone and find out what happend. Well on earth […]

So i gone back to playing Assassins creed Odyssey again and well i kinda dwell deep into my gamer persona when i play this game.. I think on how would this character react in the current situation and what is the best play. Being an Assassins Creed game your objective is to ofcourse assassinate some […]

So today marked a day wich both contained really good news, wich i will share next week! But also some sad ones aswell, tho the sad ones i knew about a few months now but today was the doomsday… So there was a game called Maplestory 2 that was an highly anticipaded game when it […]

This Friday have been so calm, the time has moved slowly, the weather has been abit weird the but that is ok. The day i havent done much been playing some animal crossing new horizon! Aswell as Genshin Impact closed beta 2 so 2 really good games! Yesterday i sent in my old computer aswell […]