Today was a cold day, we had almost -8 degrees! That is the coldest we have had in quite some time… I had to go out to do abit of shopping and other small errands… I seriously wish i could just have stayed in bed cause it was way to cold! But in the afternoon […]

Today have felt like a good day, been enjoying the day working on my game, baking and done laundry! We had leftover saffron so we decided to make some saffron buns! (60 buns to be exact), while the dough was rising i did some laundry and talked to a friend on discord. Tomorrow is Saturday […]

Yes today started with a hot oven and flour, salt, sugar,cinnamon and vanilla aroma filling my kitchen. Yes it was time to make some buns! Making the dough and let it rise took roughly 45 minutes. Then it took another hour before it was all done. The sun was shining outside aswell so it was […]