Today have taken quite a toll on me, i woke up and i could hardly move my arms. Probably been sleeping weirdly.. But this cold have made its way to my vocal cords so i am really hoarse.. probably will be for the next week or so. Tomorrow is lecture day and Thursday is retake […]

Yes tomorrow is lecture day and i needed to read a few things, i managed to finish 2 today and tomorrow is lecture with a weekly assignment we gonna do after the lecture so that will be good! Tomorrow afternoon i will also be starting on the exam that is due on Sunday and i […]

Today started at 8am and i was drained, but got booked for work and it was great. But the rest of the day i was low on energy so i been resting and trying to get more energy back. My throat is better and hopefully tomorrow i will feel better. Tomorrow is Tuesday and im […]

Today started 6am with a horrible throat pain and i couldnt move alot, i felt horrible so i decided to sleep abit longer. The rest of the day continued like it started my throat was hurting so i kept taking naps and drinking warm drinks and see if that would help. The day went on […]

This darn cold or whatever it is has drained me completely.. I had issues sleeping last night cause i kept waking up and when i woke up i started coughing (lovely isnt it…) Today i been getting pretty good naps outthrough the day so thats good! But tomorrow is a new day and i hope […]