Lets take a look at how 2021 have been in the yearly RECAP!

January January was the start of the year and i got back into my yearly creative moments, i created several pieces of art that i was very content with and surpirced that i even managed to make, so that was a great start of the year, ofcourse i had a retake exam aswell but that…… Continue reading Lets take a look at how 2021 have been in the yearly RECAP!

Tuesday is a day of thoughts.

Today really have been spent thinking about my feelings and how important it isbto acknowledge what feelings you have. Lately i have been wondering what feelings am I feeling nowadays, but I also know and knew how I have been feeling. Its been a longtime since I honestly felt like i had other emotions then…… Continue reading Tuesday is a day of thoughts.

Tuesday thesis feedback..

YES today I had the meeting with my mentor and well it was intresting, he gave me feedback yesterday evening already so I had alredy done some changes accordingly, wich werent that bad, and then i got more small and bigger things to work at. Well luckily for me I am pretty prepared and knew…… Continue reading Tuesday thesis feedback..

Sunday thesis writing..

So yea today i decided to keep working on my thesis abit more, checking what i already had wrote and what else that i just could throw out cause it didnt fit anymore. So i decided to rewrite a big portion and change my structure abit more so it feels more fluid. I also added…… Continue reading Sunday thesis writing..

Thursday working abit on the website and more!

Today i have taking things slow! Yesterday i tweeted out and also asked on discord about i need feedback and suggestions on how to improve this website! I got someone who gave me good ideas and points of improvement so that was good! Now the problem was “how” would i be able to fix the…… Continue reading Thursday working abit on the website and more!