Thursday work

So now its already thursday and it was an intresting day at work, many discussions, a few frustrations and alot of writing and planing. Got home and started reading and preparing the final bits and pieces for tomorrows final seminar! I feel im prepared for giving feedback abit less prepared for the feedback i potentially…… Continue reading Thursday work

Tuesday thesis feedback..

YES today I had the meeting with my mentor and well it was intresting, he gave me feedback yesterday evening already so I had alredy done some changes accordingly, wich werent that bad, and then i got more small and bigger things to work at. Well luckily for me I am pretty prepared and knew…… Continue reading Tuesday thesis feedback..

Sunday its starting!

So yea i decided to put on a playlist and just have it playing all day and yea some parts of the songs i had to vibe with and just sing along to cause it was good music.. But yea its now officially 10 weeks left of uni, like it feels so surreal that i…… Continue reading Sunday its starting!