Tuesday relaxing!

So today my friend came over and we just chilled playing some games and socialized wich is something i atleast felt like i needed! It was great fun after all cleaning and fixing it was nice having an extra pair of eyes coming with a few suggestions on how to set things up since i…… Continue reading Tuesday relaxing!

Monday im feeling abit stressed…

So yea final week have started! Already im stressing and have been stressing since Saturday evening about the small changes i have to do on my thesis. I DONT NEED TO STRESS ABOUT IT! But yea my brain is secondguessing myself alot right now and I have nightmares about my thesis its not fun right…… Continue reading Monday im feeling abit stressed…

Friday the final seminar!

Its been a long road but I made it! The final opposing seminar started 8:30am with an introduction then it was my turn to give feedback onto another persons thesis and it just went fine, it was a good seminar with great feedback and discussions. I got good feedback wich I will be able to…… Continue reading Friday the final seminar!

Thursday work

So now its already thursday and it was an intresting day at work, many discussions, a few frustrations and alot of writing and planing. Got home and started reading and preparing the final bits and pieces for tomorrows final seminar! I feel im prepared for giving feedback abit less prepared for the feedback i potentially…… Continue reading Thursday work

Wednesday stress work on thesis.

I have been working on my thesis all day today, i got some feedback and it was good feedback so i knew what points i could work on. I worked on the thesis until it was 23:30 and then i decided to send it in for plaguarism check and also signed up for my final…… Continue reading Wednesday stress work on thesis.

Tuesday thesis feedback..

YES today I had the meeting with my mentor and well it was intresting, he gave me feedback yesterday evening already so I had alredy done some changes accordingly, wich werent that bad, and then i got more small and bigger things to work at. Well luckily for me I am pretty prepared and knew…… Continue reading Tuesday thesis feedback..

Monday thesis thesis and more thesis…….

Yepp today is another day of hardcore working on my thesis! I have until 4pm today to get a decent text ready for my mentor to read and give feedback on tomorrow when i have my final meeting with him. Then based on what he says i gotta fix the text up some more in…… Continue reading Monday thesis thesis and more thesis…….

Sunday prepared some more thing for my game!

So today i decided to create a itch.io page for my game Faded Memories as i will be in 1 or 2 month release the first test build for people to try and give feedback on what they thought about it. I am currently working on the final puzzle for the first area wich is…… Continue reading Sunday prepared some more thing for my game!

Friday after 2 weeks of working on exams i took a day off.

Yes today i decided to not focus on anything uni / exam related and just take a day doing nothing as i felt like i deserved it! All i did related to exams were giving feedback on another text and that was it! I did feel abit unenergetic today and it probably is cause i…… Continue reading Friday after 2 weeks of working on exams i took a day off.