Saturday those cloud looked amazing

So today i taken a calm day, really just focusing on stuff i wanted to do and work on, so i enjoyed this Saturday! The thing was as i was walking down to do something i looked outside and on the horizon there was these towering huge black clouds, lining up and seemed to be…… Continue reading Saturday those cloud looked amazing

Sunday prepared some more thing for my game!

So today i decided to create a page for my game Faded Memories as i will be in 1 or 2 month release the first test build for people to try and give feedback on what they thought about it. I am currently working on the final puzzle for the first area wich is…… Continue reading Sunday prepared some more thing for my game!

Thursday a really good day!

Today have been a good day! Since starting with the idea of making my own rpg game, it has gone abit slow but today it jumped! Today i contacted someone on Twitter about doing a comission for a banner and a avatar, it was no problem so i gave the information on what i wanted…… Continue reading Thursday a really good day!

Sunday finishing christmas cleaning!

Today i laid the last touches to this years christmas cleaning so thats all done! Tomorrow is gonna be spent preparing food and some very last minute shopping before christmas eve comes! I also played some more red dead redemption 2 and also released the first developer blog for the game im making! So much…… Continue reading Sunday finishing christmas cleaning!

Tuesday theatrical and update reguarding the game!

Yes todays adventure on uni contained theatrical and arts and crafts were we actually dived into a story, and made the story evolve abit further then what it normally tells us. It was great fun! But the biggest part of this post today will actually be about the game im in the process of developing!…… Continue reading Tuesday theatrical and update reguarding the game!