Tuesday a day of calm

So yea today have been good, for once a calm relaxing day without anything really happening, except cake, and socializing with family and just enjoying the day as it passes! I hope you all had a good day aswell! //Dan

Sunday sleeping in was needed! New plans!

Yea sleeping in was very much needed, and also talking to my friend this weekend have really boosted my life balance in the right direction, also realising how important balance really is i have decided I am gonna change a few thing in my own life. For starters im gonna focus abit more on health,…… Continue reading Sunday sleeping in was needed! New plans!

Friday the calm day..

So today is the second day of christmas here in Sweden, and i just been thinking about what i wanna do today so i decided to sit down and sketch abit. I have been sketching more and more the past few days and i notice it brings me some inner peace and that is what…… Continue reading Friday the calm day..

Sunday only today and tomorrow morning left.

So today i still had issues with my hearing and as i am writing this my ears are itching like crazy, but i am using a spray thats supposed to help fix the issues im having and tomorrow i will see how it goes but i am confident that i will finally be able to…… Continue reading Sunday only today and tomorrow morning left.