Today i was quite impressed at work, cause it was such a calm day, i managed to do so many things and i still had more energy when i get home, so i did abit of game developing, cause i will be reading for next week during the weekend so i am prepared! The first […]

Today i been enjoying a pretty calm day, nothing really happend and i am quite happy about that. The weather was nice aswell, and everything was pretty relaxed today, even the birds seemed to take it easy today! These days is truely a great thing! //Dan

Today i went to work after the cold had me rest since Thursday, i still felt my throat but else it wasnt anything problematic. It was a calm day, weird weather tho with both sun and heavy showers at the same time.. The rest of the evening i used to watch some netflix and had […]

Today was a really enjoyable and relaxing day, i felt like today i dont really have to do anything and it was the right decision that i needed. I will take atleast one day a week were i dont do anything and just enjoy the tranquility. Cause the world is way to stressful and high […]

Today i worked all day, it was a fun day with not to many things happening. We went on a trip outside to a nearby play area and just had a great time. I also fixed 1 thing for my studies, so now i am almost completely ready for the 5th semester… Tomorrow is Friday […]

It feels abit weird that it has been 2 weeks of January soon, but i am happy that this has gone pretty ok so far. Tho this year really will probably be one of the years that will lead to some hard decisions. But today have been a good day, tho my nose have been […]

The snow came back this afternoon! Today i just decided that i wanted a calm, nothing happening day. The day have been quite enjoyable just doing what i felt like, nothing more nothing less! But tomorrow is the last day of “vacation” until June! Back to uni from next week and new semester starting in […]

Today was a good day, even though the sun was not up on the sky but it just felt like a good day. The day flew by but i just enjoyed the day without much happening, i think personally it was needed cause i was relaxing. There is 2 more days left on 2019, 2 […]