Yea not much really happend today seeing as i got home around 4am and fell asleep around 4:30am. But it was a good sleep but just abit to short! I fell asleep during the day again and didnt really wake up at all today. So all in all today have been good but yea i […]

So today is the second day of christmas here in Sweden, and i just been thinking about what i wanna do today so i decided to sit down and sketch abit. I have been sketching more and more the past few days and i notice it brings me some inner peace and that is what […]

Today is Monday and that means a new week have started! Just a quick post today cause i am working on some stuff wich i will post about later! So i went back to work today and it was such a calm day, finished creating and cleaning most of the day. Cause its the last […]

Today i went back to work as yesterday i felt pretty good, like i was ok so it was time to go back again and hopefully i wouldnt fall apart. Well the day went past pretty fast and now i survived the whole day, since it is the fall break it was a pretty calm […]

Today i was quite impressed at work, cause it was such a calm day, i managed to do so many things and i still had more energy when i get home, so i did abit of game developing, cause i will be reading for next week during the weekend so i am prepared! The first […]

Today i been enjoying a pretty calm day, nothing really happend and i am quite happy about that. The weather was nice aswell, and everything was pretty relaxed today, even the birds seemed to take it easy today! These days is truely a great thing! //Dan

Today i went to work after the cold had me rest since Thursday, i still felt my throat but else it wasnt anything problematic. It was a calm day, weird weather tho with both sun and heavy showers at the same time.. The rest of the evening i used to watch some netflix and had […]