First work week is done and now the weekend is here so i wont really be doing much cause the weather is bad and all the chores are done aswell. Music will be my company today and just enjoying a calm relaxing day with nothing happening is great from time to time! We are already […]

Today have been abit weird, like not in a bad way or anything but it has felt off. I havent been feeling very productive today and i still managed to make several things happend today.. So i was being productive but i didnt feel like i was.. it was weird… Now here we are again […]

Today was a good day, the sun was shining BUT the allthough the sun was shining it was blowing cold winds! When the wind wasnt blowing it was quite enjoyable outside! And now that it is saying the spring is coming aswell! So that means more allergy… yay? The rest of the evening was spent┬átaking […]

This night was not the best, kept waking up several times. But my stomach was hurting i probably i ate to much yesterday evening. The rest of the day was kept infront of youtube and a movie before i went home. Had a great weekend and tomorrow is a day at Uni! //Dan

Today i woke up didnt have breakfast cause i kinda sleept longer then i should so it was almost time for lunch… Ops… So i made my chores, getting groceries and preparing lunch before getting ready to head on out to my friend. Before i left to go to my friend i sent in my […]