So yea there have been quite a few days of music these past few weeks. But i keep finding more and more music! And today i found even more! So i been listening to them! But i will add in videos of the songs tomorrow or Monday depending when i get around to do it! […]

So today i been having a fun time at work, been putting up decorations around the yard and even started working on other things, also had a meeting with my boss and that went great. But now ima call it a day and i will see what this weekend offers! //Dan

So yea today i am not really up to speed, still hanging out with my friend but, im abit more tired then i thought i would be. Hopefully it wont get worse and im just lacking some sleep and nothing else! But yea today is spent with some more mario party and laughter and frustration […]

Yea not much really happend today seeing as i got home around 4am and fell asleep around 4:30am. But it was a good sleep but just abit to short! I fell asleep during the day again and didnt really wake up at all today. So all in all today have been good but yea i […]

So i woke up and i was kinda tired and low on energy so i decided to get some vitamins cause normally when i am this tired i lack some vitamine so i took some to see if that helps boost my energy level up some! It did help abit so i guess i was […]

So yesterday was snow and today it was blue skies, sunshine and a really cold -9 degree wind blowing.. I hope we get more of these days this winter with some more snow so we can make use of the Hills and Forest roads to rush down from! But now weekend and i am gonna […]

So today i woke up and i felt completely dead like not in the normal tired way but i felt really not like myself so something is still going on, cause when both your parents react that you are not yourself then you probably arent yourself. So i might have gone back to work to […]