Wednesday a fun challenge with the oldest!

So today i have had a great day at work! With some challenges and some more things to train various things! So today we were in our big room where we have all the training tools and more, so we decided to play “the floor is lava” wich is great coordination and core training for…… Continue reading Wednesday a fun challenge with the oldest!

Tuesday the day that blew my energy down down down…

So yes today have been a real heavy day, compared to yesterday i had no energy whatsoever and i just wanted to get through the day and move on to the next cause i had no energy… I found myself litterly have no energy for the rest of the day, sure the day after opening…… Continue reading Tuesday the day that blew my energy down down down…

Friday preparing for saturday!

So yes today work just flew by it feels like, it was such a calm day and people tend to stress to much about stupid things, yes i know cause i do the same! But it all works out in the end just relax! So yes today at work we were supposed to be low…… Continue reading Friday preparing for saturday!

Thursday reflecting on my growth.

Today was halfway through the internship, it is kinda crazy that its only abit less then 2 weeks left of the last internship for 1 year.. For this internship i have 10 keypoints i need to fullfill in order to pass. So together with my mentor i reflected on the activities i done so far,…… Continue reading Thursday reflecting on my growth.