Today was halfway through the internship, it is kinda crazy that its only abit less then 2 weeks left of the last internship for 1 year.. For this internship i have 10 keypoints i need to fullfill in order to pass. So together with my mentor i reflected on the activities i done so far, […]

Today i was asked to work from 8am to 1pm but then i got to switch shift with a coworker so i got to work until 3:30pm. At work i had an intresting discussion about various mushrooms and fishes. The best part working at preschool is to get answers and then look for those answers […]

So today i been reflecting about my own future and what i see my future work as. For the past year and a half i keep reading so much negativity and people lifting the problematic areas. I myself realise the hardships that alot of preschools have every single day every single week every single year. […]