Today was a good day weatherwise anyway! The snow was still on the ground, but it had started melting so there was huge water pools on the yard.. This week has some intressting subjects so i will see how this weeks lecture will turn out to be. Hopefully i will manage to finish 2 or […]

Today started hard… trying to wake up at 6:30 was abit hard. But the rest of the day flew by and it was so much fun! Today at work contained soapbubbles, water, and more bubbles aswell as sun and pretty okey sunshine! As July coming to an end and August starting in 2 days it […]

Yes today was a good day, work was great i had a blast even tho it rained until the afternoon we had so much fun! We danced, crawled around, walked with our butts! We read books and just had fun outside where the rain had asemble in big puddles! Then it was time to go […]