Today was another day spent watching movies and playing mariokart! This marks the ending of the vacation and since we cant really/want to travel somewhere we go ahead and go through the huge list of movies that we talked about instead! Todays mariokart session went better then yesterday but i still got my butt attacked […]

This week is so nice! Sun is shining, work and a really enjoyable day all together! After work was done it was time to do some grocery shopping and then get home, do some studying and preperation for an exam! I do feel like i am finally slowly getting on track with this semester. Only […]

Today was great! It started at 8:30 with breakfast and then a walk around the town to do some minor shopping. Then we went to a big shopping mall and walked around for a while before we went back to the hotell and just took it easy. Before we went for dinner where i had […]

Today started at 7am with breakfast and preparing the last few things before the trip would start at 9am! Quite exciting as we are going back to a town i been in 6 years ago and i really could relax here cause of the atmosphere that surround this town. Not much happend today we checked […]

Yea this has been quite an uneventful day, been doing laundry put away some stuff that is not needed anymore and cleaned out the wardrobe to make some space. I also been enjoying the sunshine abit aswell but there have been no wind at all! This afternoon i opened my window and was hoping to […]

As stated in yesterdays post i went to sleep earlier then i normally do, and i sleept until 9:30am but to be fair i could probably have sleept until like 2 or 3pm if i could! But i went up and did groceries and lunch and then i studied for abit and looked for some […]

Yes today i finished the exam! It is done and also submitted it back to see if i will pass! I have spent yesterday focusing on the exam, like pin pointing exactly what i missed! Aswell as focusing on what the assignment was telling me. Oh and all day someone was putting twigs and branches […]

The beginning of 2018, what a year it has been! I have traveled twice, been to both bikes and cars excibits, started studying, streaming alot, meet amazing new people, been going on a rollercoaster in my personal life (both physically and mentally). Been doing alot of selfevaluation, and getting abit closer to understanding who i […]