2022 year review lets take a look back!

So what has happend this year of 2022 in my life?

Well it has now been a full year of things that happend and did not happened but it has been a good year nontheless without all the horrible things that happend in the world, but thats not what im here to talk about in the review of 2022!

So the year started abit rocky with me getting sick and stayed pretty much sick all of january on and off, it was quite rough, first the stomach flu and then normal cold and then early february i caught covid.. It was quite a startling start of 2022 but it could only get better right?

Well it both did and didnt the first 4 months was sickness both colds and fevers and headaches but after that i also ended up in a very bad mental breakdown that left me with no feelings of joy or excitements in my life. Wich lead me to seek professional help wich took a week to get help on sorting through everything.

The start of 2022 really tought me things about myself and soon enough i started realizing alot more about myself that would lead me into getting a much better positive outlook on my own life and mental health then ever before.

Speed up to summer of 2022 and it was time to go on vacation, it was also here that i stopped doing regular blogupdates cause francly my life took unexpected turns that lead me to feel more happy then i had been before.

I started traveling more, i enjoyed life abit more and i could start making other plans for what i wanted to do. I still felt abit lost but surely enough i began to become more and more my own person my proper own person.

The fall came and back to work it was and it was very relaxing to come back and started working in a new group with semi new people and get to know them. I ended up getting colds and sore throats throughout the fall but other then that i still was enjoying life!

And now we are here at the end of 2022, my life consists of 3 things, work, games and traveling back and forth between 2 homes, wich is alot of fun! Now i have 2 weeks of until 9th of January before i start working again but until then im just resting relaxing and have had an enjoyable christmas and new years with friends and family!

Hope your year have been a good one and that even tho alot of bad things have happend havent gotten you or your family down!

Now here is to 2023 and we will see whatever this year will bring! I dont know how often i will blog but i will be blogging on and off during each month!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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