Today was good came up with plans for next weeks activity! It will be fun and im looking forward to it. I also got my sword and shield dual pack today so i am even happier! And the day is now ending together with my best friend in preparation for this weekends hangout. Hope you […]

I was tired from start to finish today, i think i took micro naps on the bus down today. I did keep yawning throughout the day but it was just one of these kind of days. I did experience something scary just before the fruit and that was that my bloodsugar fell quite harshly and […]

Today was pretty ok in spite of the road being slippery as heck, and the weather just cant make up its mind… rain yesterday and today it was foggy with a really slight drizzle of rain. I went and borrowed a few books and then it was time for lunch. The rest of the day […]

Yes i slept like a log and woke up feeling way to tired. But prepared and went to the bus (wich was 3 minutes late and this is on the first stop it makes..) One bustrip later and i was at my internship for the new adventures for today! When i got there i was […]

Today was fathers day here in Sweden so i was cleaning the house and fixing some other things aswell. Went out to do some last minute shopping, but at the store it was pure ice… So i almost fell 4 times in 10 meters…. The rest of the day was spent with the family and […]