Today it started! The big animation exam that we get to spend 2 day to prepare and work on before sending it in next week! This exam is really fun and the discussion and ideas are great, and the best thing is when you have an idea and everything falls into place. Tomorrow is the […]

So i got my final exam back from last subject and it was a F. Like the explanation for why was harsh not gonna lie, the teacher said my text was inconsistent and sometimes even hard to follow. Like okej but then complaining about minor grammar mistakes. Sure in all but i dont think my […]

Today was a really nice day, the sky was blue the sun was shining and a trip to the forest was on the menu. I got home after work and relaxed abit before i had to head back to work cause a meeting. Got home after the meeting and i thought i had ate something […]

Well were to begin, for the past 2 days now we had snow and it have been great cause it really removes alot of the dark grey feeling that sticks around this time of the year. But today when i woke up the snow was gone and there was a combination of grey clouds with […]

So yesterday was snow and today it was blue skies, sunshine and a really cold -9 degree wind blowing.. I hope we get more of these days this winter with some more snow so we can make use of the Hills and Forest roads to rush down from! But now weekend and i am gonna […]

So this title might seem like its not something big, but it is i havent seen the sun for about 2 or 3 weeks it is something you might take for granted when your used to it. But i also felt like now the sun might shine some! But no that morning sun was all […]