So I spent the mayority of my afternoon writing and managed to actually finish the results, I am happy with the results and now I need to write the discussion part where I connect to all the science I mentioned earlier in the paper.. Slowly but surely this is coming together, I didnt think that […]

So this weekend will be all about the thesis, I wont inclued lyrics or video in this weekends posts! I been staring at my screen and managed to structure up my results part, I am unsure if its gonna be good enough and after the results are done I gotta work on discussion and that […]

Its weird but today I am sitting with my thesis but my heart isnt in there, its like its not even close anymore. It feels weird to say that but I am not even close to feel fullfilled or even thrilled that uni is almost over and it feels like I dont wanna take pride […]

So yea today i been working on the thesis and its been going good, today the words flew onto the document but deep down i dont know if what im writing is enough but i feel quite content with what im writing, aswell as making sure its easy to understand and follow the reasoning im […]

So this will be a short update cause today i been feeling alot of pressure based on both thesis and irl things as I am gonna talk to someone tomorrow my brain is trying to think up chaotic scenarios.. I just cant beat the thoughts down currently.. Well tomorrow im opening with the meeting and […]

So todays topic I dont know how well structured it will be, probably wont be at all cause this post I can already feel will be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. But yea lets see shall we? Relationships are an intresting thing, I ever really been in one true relationship but that was […]

So today i been having the song on repeat that is todays song, and i noticed that it got me thinking that we as humans base our first impression on looks and its said that it takes us 4 seconds to base a whole conception of a person in those seconds. From listening to this […]

Today im just gonna let my inne voice become written words. As i close the eyes of the once belovedAll i see is a tear slowly run down the faceFear grips the outer corner of my heartSlowly i fall into the pillows already bracing my fall.How many steps do i need to walk?Walking a million […]