Just gonna say this post will be really short as i litterly only slept 2.5 hours cause reasons and then worked 8 hours with only 2.5 hours of sleep is not optimal. But now ima sleep and look forward to tomorrow! //Dan

So today i been streaming all day pretty much and i have had a blast! It was fun and contained quite some intresting topics so yea a good day! But at the end of my stream my friends in my discord call i was part of started talking about alot of “childish” topics and i […]

So yea today at work was really nice, i was at work and the sun was shining and it was really nice outside and i couldnt really wait to go outside cause the weather was really nice! We were outside and the sunshine was even warming abit so i could feel it is now spring […]

So yea today contained a very nice lecture and i feel like i learned quite alot even tho i was zoneing out at points cause i just couldnt focus.. But yea todays lecture taught us about new methods that we are gonna use for the final exam and i am pretty much clear on what […]

Yea i dont really know what to call todays post… Nor do i really know what i will be sharing.. Somedays are just like this and i feel today have been both pushing me well away from myself aswell as pushing my limits towards my education.. So yea i will focus on the second part […]

So yes its back to work today and i am really enjoying the feeling of being back, the internship gave me alot of things to reflect upon and what can be applicable for my workplace. But yes i feel really happy that i am back and with a new kind of energy, the question is […]