Today started pretty good, i felt refreshed and ready to take on the world.. well maybe not that ready but i was feeling good when i woke up anyway. Groceries were bought and lunch was eaten and then i started formulating my weekly assignment text. When that was sent in i grabbed a book and […]

Today i woke up before my alarm, that normally dont happend.. But i guess my mind decided that i needed to wake up… The project we have to work on for this semester also got updated with some new ways to present it so, that was good! I do wonder what the rest of the […]

Today was work day again, today was sunny but windy and it was cold winds that blew. I was outside most of the day, and even tho it was cold i enjoyed it. This week marks the start of the second part of this semester! So that means there are 9 weeks 9 WEEKS left […]

Today have been spent with writing my exam! I managed to finish both second and third part of the exam.. inclued all required sources… The real problem is that even tho there are instructions on what needs to be in the exam.. I am not sure if i have that… the formulation in the exam […]

So today i spent working on this horrible exam that is due on Monday morning, but i am gonna send it in tomorrow! This exam took me three intense days to just get to second part of the exam… This exam is one of the worst ones i have had since i started uni.. that […]

Yes first i wanna say that i know my blogging has been abit sporadic with more double posts the past weeks. Just to much in my head that i sometimes just crash asleep at evenings… But i will try get back into my groove after this exam. Now lets jump into todays post! Today have […]

So today was sunny, abit cold but it was a really nice day! Was outside all day from 9am until almost 3pm nonstop, enjoying the awesome weather and sucking up some vitamine D from the Sun! Other then that nothing! //Dan

So same thing as yesterday, i dont know why but i have trouble going back to sleep when i wake up early… Today i woke up 6am, tho that didnt help my energy levels… so cause i havent had good sleep the past days i think it is starting to affect me abit. I just […]