Today i woke up freezing, it was really cold outside.. (Where is my sun and warm weather?…) Groceries was needed to do and lunch i had to ingest before going out for the remaining of the day. The sky was grey and the wind abit cold and something was hanging in the air. Wich was […]

Today started with me waking up to a heavy sound from the rain on my window.. It is normally a really soothing sound but it was really hard so there was nothing soothing about it at all! Today i just felt like i dont wanna go out at all today, this weather just screams stay […]

Today is the day when storm that causing problems in europe is hitting Sweden.. I dont think it will that bad at my place but i heard about other countries getting roofs broken, windows shattered, walls pulled off.. I hope that if you are affected by the storm that you will be safe! Currently my […]

Today started really good, the sunrise was shining through some clouds on the horizon and colored the sky bright orange/red. It looked so peaceful and awesome, i am abit weak for these type of mornings! The temperature was -7 degrees so it was really nice to walk in! The day continued and it started snowing […]

Today was pretty ok in spite of the road being slippery as heck, and the weather just cant make up its mind… rain yesterday and today it was foggy with a really slight drizzle of rain. I went and borrowed a few books and then it was time for lunch. The rest of the day […]

Today had quite some heavy rain coming down, but still managed to do a walk before it all started. Today at work it was an relaxing day, since it was a calm day i think that everyone enjoyed it and could have fun today. There isnt to much to read in advance for this weeks […]

Today was the last day of the yearly weekend where alot of sellers and rides shows up in my hometown. Tho todays weather was bad, with rain. I personally didnt buy anything except for some candy wich i always buy every year. Next week is the start of the second subjects for this semester, its […]