Today during the afternoon at work we had a few clouds, but slowly they kept increasing in both size and color.. About 10 minutes later it was like the floodgates had been opened cause it was crashing down like a monsoon.. It was the first heavy rainfall we have had the past few months anyway. […]

So this morning the weather was a real combo… one second sunshine and warm, the next second thick clouds and chilling winds with rain.. This weather continued all day into the afternoon and then around 4pm the sky opened and the rain started pouring down heavily! But that lasted for litterly 3 minutes before the […]

The theme for this weeks blogposts will probably and most likely be weather. Today was such a weird weather i saw the blue sky and sunshine between the grey clouds and i was thinking, maybe today we finally will not get some rain and can enjoy being outside! We went out, a while later the […]

Today started with sunshine and some calm winds and a pretty nice 13 degrees outsides… We went out for a walk it was great weather and the temperature had increased quite nicely so it was really enjoyable to take the walk. Then i had to go back abit earlier cause i had to prepare before […]

Today i had to wake up at 4:30am cause i start working at 5:30am and i need atleast 1 hour to wake up and get ready so its good! The morning flew by the weather was kinda bad, heavy rain and some thunder. But then from nowhere the sunshine appeared and it was nice and […]

Today i got of work at 5pm but i felt so tired when i got home so i could have gone straight to sleep cause all my energy was gone… We were outside all the morning it was abit chilling but no rain and it was just a really enjoyable start of this Tuesday. The […]

Todays blogpost will be abit short cause today i havent done anything except enjoying spending the day looking out through my window and watching the clouds and the silent rain slowly falling on my windows. Hope everyone have had a good day! //Dan

So the past 3 weeks or so we have had really sunny and warm weather and today it shifted completely! Grey clouds towering all over the sky, a breeze and then it started.. First a small drizzle came and lasted for 5 minutes, THEN thunder started sounding and the rain fell hard! The rain is […]

Today have been one of those types of day where i really didnt feel like doing anything really.. The town was grey and the rain hit the roof and the windows all day (still is as i am writing this). When there are these days i really feel drained and tired, so i thought about […]