It is the final week of work before uni kicks off again next week! The weather have turned colder, it is now starting to get abit colder and colder so the fall season is slowly creeping closer and closer. But the weather is still fairly nice and it is just to enjoy the final few […]

So today was a weird day, i had almost 38 degrees in my room at one point so i opened the window and 10 minutes later i was freezing so i had to close it. This kept on happening.. But i had burgers for dinner and that was so nice! Now i gotta sleep cause […]

The theme for this weeks blogposts will probably and most likely be weather. Today was such a weird weather i saw the blue sky and sunshine between the grey clouds and i was thinking, maybe today we finally will not get some rain and can enjoy being outside! We went out, a while later the […]

Today started with sunshine and some calm winds and a pretty nice 13 degrees outsides… We went out for a walk it was great weather and the temperature had increased quite nicely so it was really enjoyable to take the walk. Then i had to go back abit earlier cause i had to prepare before […]

Today have been one of those types of day where i really didnt feel like doing anything really.. The town was grey and the rain hit the roof and the windows all day (still is as i am writing this). When there are these days i really feel drained and tired, so i thought about […]

Okay so today was work and it felt like everything was flowing and i felt quite energetic, but the day was just such a good day where everything just went well. I also got some news today and it was such an amazing feelin, THO i cant share anything until Wednesday cause it is something […]

Yes i will be a true Swede and complain abit about the weather.. So the past days have been quite intresting reguarding weather since April started 5 days ago.. We have had snow, hail, rain, sunshine, fog, thunder, cloudless skies, grey skies.. it has been every kind of weather… Like when we got snow, i […]

Today started really good, the sunrise was shining through some clouds on the horizon and colored the sky bright orange/red. It looked so peaceful and awesome, i am abit weak for these type of mornings! The temperature was -7 degrees so it was really nice to walk in! The day continued and it started snowing […]