Wednesday such a weird weather day…

Today started with sunshine and some calm winds and a pretty nice 13 degrees outsides…

We went out for a walk it was great weather and the temperature had increased quite nicely so it was really enjoyable to take the walk. Then i had to go back abit earlier cause i had to prepare before lunch!

Later the afternoon the sunshine was really nice, and suddenly a huge grey “raincloud” flew by us and me and my collegues said “NOOO NO RAIN GO AWAY CLOUD!” abit later a bigger grey cloud came flying by and it started raining abit, then 2 minutes later after we got inside IT was pouring down like crazy! For the rest of the day it was raining for 2 minutes and then the sunshine came back and that kept happening for the remaining of this day!

Tomorrow will be a really early start and then it is only Friday left! So now i will head off to bed cause i gotta wake up at 4:30am so now i will wish you all a good morning/day/evening/night and tomorrow will hopefully be better weather and temperature i hope!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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