Today started with sunshine and some calm winds and a pretty nice 13 degrees outsides… We went out for a walk it was great weather and the temperature had increased quite nicely so it was really enjoyable to take the walk. Then i had to go back abit earlier cause i had to prepare before […]

Yes i will be a true Swede and complain abit about the weather.. So the past days have been quite intresting reguarding weather since April started 5 days ago.. We have had snow, hail, rain, sunshine, fog, thunder, cloudless skies, grey skies.. it has been every kind of weather… Like when we got snow, i […]

Today i went to work after the cold had me rest since Thursday, i still felt my throat but else it wasnt anything problematic. It was a calm day, weird weather tho with both sun and heavy showers at the same time.. The rest of the evening i used to watch some netflix and had […]

Todays weather was really strange… When i got to work it wasnt raining, 10 minutes later it started pouring down. It kept raining until after lunch and then it was some minor showers. But after the showers were over it got really hot outside. So of with the rain cloths and enjoying the small sunshine […]