So today if there wouldnt have been the whole covid-19 pandemic raging in the world this weekend would be the town fair that comes once a year and you meet people you dont often see more then once a year. But due to the pandemic ofcourse this was closed so no surprice there, and i […]

Today during the afternoon at work we had a few clouds, but slowly they kept increasing in both size and color.. About 10 minutes later it was like the floodgates had been opened cause it was crashing down like a monsoon.. It was the first heavy rainfall we have had the past few months anyway. […]

Today started with me waking up to a heavy sound from the rain on my window.. It is normally a really soothing sound but it was really hard so there was nothing soothing about it at all! Today i just felt like i dont wanna go out at all today, this weather just screams stay […]

Today i went to work after the cold had me rest since Thursday, i still felt my throat but else it wasnt anything problematic. It was a calm day, weird weather tho with both sun and heavy showers at the same time.. The rest of the evening i used to watch some netflix and had […]

Today i was abruptly awaken to do grocery shopping, i mean all is fine and its neccesary BUT at 8am thats way to agressive for my taste. Also there was heavy rain outside, nothing beats brash wakeups like heavy rain wich i had to go in. The rain kept falling until around 4pm maybe 5 […]