Today during the afternoon at work we had a few clouds, but slowly they kept increasing in both size and color.. About 10 minutes later it was like the floodgates had been opened cause it was crashing down like a monsoon.. It was the first heavy rainfall we have had the past few months anyway. […]

So these past few days have been hot, like really really intense hot.. I dont function properly cause of this heat and i need some nice breeze or something.. But that aint happening.. no breeze and blistering sun is not a good combo, luckily tomorrow is Friday and that means weekend and some well earned […]

So today i been sitting and slowly melting away, its to hot to do anything and even with a cold breeze being amplified by a fan it did not help alot.. So today i wonder if you are having this heatwave, how do you stay cool under this hot days? //Dan