Today started at 8am and i was drained, but got booked for work and it was great. But the rest of the day i was low on energy so i been resting and trying to get more energy back. My throat is better and hopefully tomorrow i will feel better. Tomorrow is Tuesday and im […]

Yes today i woke up at 7am, but i didnt really feel like walking out of bed so i stayed in bed and reflected abit. (It is quite nice to do) For some reason i been tired all day without having any energy.. This might be after effects after yesterday nights stomach pains but if […]

Today i really havent done anything, cause i been so tired and no energy at all… I finished all this weeks animé episodes aswell that i hasnt watched this week. But i been thinking abit more today and come to a conclusion that life is like a river, you follow the stream and it will […]

Today have been weird. Like i woke up had to take an allergy pill and lie down for 2 minutes again cause my head was spinning. I went out to do groceries and got home had to sit cause i was hungry (i even had a big breakfast)… After lunch i didnt do much watched […]

Today have not been fun or great or amazing, it has drained me mentally and physically since i been sitting at my computer, reading books.. looking up words that i needed to understand even tho i already knew what they meant… BUT i finished the exam i started on less then 700 words and ended […]

Today since it was the last day of easter i decided to just take it easy and relax all day today! I didnt have any energy today and just felt so tired today, IF i decided to take naps i would have sleept the whole day! Tomorrow is Tuesday and gotta study abit for wednesdays […]