So since i woke up this morning i felt like something was wrong. The feeling kept on growing through out the day and at 5pm i was so drained that i could have gone to sleep right there and then.. I dont know why i feel this way today but hopefully tomorrow will be better. […]

So after yesterdays celebration and potentially abit to much fun i could not get out of bed.. I was drained and lacked any real energy.. The day was spent with youtube and facebook posts before helping out with a puzzle before going home. It feels like now is this celebrating done and i can just […]

Yes todays weather was hot, like way above 30 degrees hot! The problem is not really the weather, the problem is what comes with the weather wich is lack of energy.. since warm weather and energy is a decent mix for some it is not good for me! My room went up to 35 degrees.. […]

So today have been a unenergetic day once again. I have tried pushing myself to do things to get some motivation today but francly nothing worked so i pretty much wasted today.. I do plan that tomorrow try and see what i can come up with for the digital exam.. Just so i can start […]

This will be a short blogpost cause today i pretty much have been resting all day. Why have i been resting all day? I have been completely out of energy, no matter what i do to boost my energy today, i have felt completely drained so i have been taking naps and resting the whole […]

Today have been one of those types of day where i really didnt feel like doing anything really.. The town was grey and the rain hit the roof and the windows all day (still is as i am writing this). When there are these days i really feel drained and tired, so i thought about […]

So same thing as yesterday, i dont know why but i have trouble going back to sleep when i wake up early… Today i woke up 6am, tho that didnt help my energy levels… so cause i havent had good sleep the past days i think it is starting to affect me abit. I just […]

Today i woke up at 5am.. I dont know why but i could not go back to sleep.. so i was so tired all day but could not take a nap or anything… I started preparing more for the exam that i am writing this week, but could not do more then prepare due to […]