Today at work we started preparing more and more for next week when it starts for real. Slowly but surely everything is going into place and getting a place aswell, and the weather is just nice so we stay outside and just enjoy the days. I also wanna say the reason for so many double […]

Today was like a perfect spring day, the sun was shining on a perfect blue cloudless sky. A minor breeze and the temperature above 14 degrees in the sun! I been outside in the sun all day, but thanks to that my feet, legs and back were killing me when i got home again.. Tomorrow […]

Today i did work abit just a few hours and it was great, spent them outside in the sun! It was cold but not to cold it was a great winter day without snow… But after work it was time to go home and continue working on the assignment, and then after that was done […]

Today was a work day again, this whole week is filled with work except that there is a lecture tomorrow. with course introduction. Today have been a good day tho, the sun was shining and it was really nice outside so majority of today was spent outside. But i think i am getting a cold […]