Today i been working and the weather was just amazing! Sunshine, slight breeze, not blistering hot but just perfect! I just enjoyed the sunshine and everything during the day, Monday went by pretty fast and tomorrow is Tuesday wich means i have my closing shift. So now i will call it a day and tomorrow […]

Today was like a perfect spring day, the sun was shining on a perfect blue cloudless sky. A minor breeze and the temperature above 14 degrees in the sun! I been outside in the sun all day, but thanks to that my feet, legs and back were killing me when i got home again.. Tomorrow […]

Today started with some grey clouds on the sky and i was certain it would come some rain! But i was wrong! The sky broke free into a perfect blue with the sun shining like crazy down onto us. It was such a perfect weather that it was so nice being outside enjoying the sun, […]

Today i had work, but that was not the best part of today! The best part of today was the fact that the sky was blue, not a single cloud and a really sunny day all day! Even tho it is February and the sun actually was radiating abit of heat, today was a really […]

Today was a great day! There was clouds and the temperature kept to around 18 degrees and it felt really good! I worked all day from 9am to 5:30pm and the day just went by so fast, it felt like it went to fast but i guess it was cause it was a great day […]

Today have been great, could sleep in and had breakfast and lunch before going to work! Feeling good cause the sun was out and it was hot like perfect weather to work in! I am lucky i decided to work with what i do, cause i get to socialize, investigate questions i normally dont think […]