So today i had the closing shift again, like every Tuesday wich is fine! Before i went home i finished a few things and then when i got home i had dinner and then abit later it was time to call my classmates and finish the preparation for tomorrows exam. Today havent been any exciting […]

So today at work went nice and fast, tho there was a few moments where i honestly felt really stressed today but thats nothing we can do anything about, some things are just ment to be stressful.. After work it was time for exam prep, so after abit over 1 hour we decided on a […]

So today i spent at work, it was great and it is intresting everytime i work it really shows how much every new day is different! When i got home i kept working on the exam and managed to finish an text i will be reading in camera to be sent in… but i wasnt […]

Today is Wednesday wich means lecture day, tho i had some tech issues so i decided to go and work on an exam instead.. Slowly but surely the summer is coming closer and even the exam season is almost here! All of May is filled with exams, but atleast as soon as those are over […]

Today i woke up at 5am.. I dont know why but i could not go back to sleep.. so i was so tired all day but could not take a nap or anything… I started preparing more for the exam that i am writing this week, but could not do more then prepare due to […]

NO MOTIVATION TODAY! Yes that is correct i woke up didnt feel like doing anything even tho today due for the exam paper that is necessary for getting a grade in the group assignment… but yes did not feel like it. Still did it and finished it up at 5pm or so. Tomorrow is our […]

Today started with some grey clouds on the sky and i was certain it would come some rain! But i was wrong! The sky broke free into a perfect blue with the sun shining like crazy down onto us. It was such a perfect weather that it was so nice being outside enjoying the sun, […]