Yes this post should have gone up yesterday but i decided to push it one day since i spent the whole day printing papers. Reading books and reading notes for the big exam! I just hope something stuck with me, but we will see that during the exam i guess! REALLY short post but tomorrow […]

Yes i spent the majority of today reading and getting the book into my head for the exam this Friday! I also prepared all notes, questions and more to prepare me for the exam… I just need to survive this week and then from next week is the internship! So today wasnt more then me […]

Yes today starting at 8:30am until 3pm me and my classmates were doing exam preps. Reflections, theater, more reflections and then when i got home around 4pm, i took something to eat and had a nap. Tomorrow is lecture day and then the next coming days will go to prepare for next weeks big exam… […]

Yes today i spent with a book about how dolls have influenced education, both (pre)school and childrens tv shows throughout the ages. I will admit im not the fastest reader and i found the book quite intresting, but after spending the day with the book and breaks in between. I am happy to have read […]

Yes today was Friday and i spent it with my classmates preparing for exams that is due in 1.5 weeks! We got a physics, chemistry and technology exam so we worked on that! Now its weekend tho and on Monday its the three days on Uni with lectures, exams and more! Longest day is Tuesday […]

Yes today me and my classmates started preparing for the last exams we have in 2-3 weeks! It is fun since we are planing ahead of time and everything is looking A-OK so thats a plus! So today been focus on getting ready for the exams! We can start counting down the days summer vacation! […]

Today was lecture day, but i couldnt 100% focus cause even tho i took my prescribed allergy pill it did not help me at all today… to much pollen, when it gets to much i cant breath and my lungs take a heavy beating.. Today we prepared 2 exams aswell so that felt good now […]