So today at work went nice and fast, tho there was a few moments where i honestly felt really stressed today but thats nothing we can do anything about, some things are just ment to be stressful.. After work it was time for exam prep, so after abit over 1 hour we decided on a […]

Today i been sitting once again with the exam and just trying to get something down… the problem is nothing happends, no ideas nothing pops up and i sit hour upon hour now trying to finish this .. I am reading the exam details and i try come up with something but nope im drawing […]

Today was another Monday but today was stressful for me at work. It felt like it was so chaotic and i did not have the amount of energy i would need today but that was to be expected after 4 days of being sick.. But when i got home nu back gave up completely i […]

This Monday have been spent with my classmates to polish our examination presentation that we have on Wednesday! Discussions, trial presentation to check how long this presentation will take.. We have alot of questions and answers that has been compiled and answered to with help of our books and lectures. Got home and made some […]

Today i finished my exam prep, BUT it has stressed me out completely.. i dont know if the thing i have written is in anyway correct or if i screwed myself over completely! I sent a message to my classmate explaining my fears and calmy replied “we will see tomorrow if we all have thought […]