Monday i dont know if im holding up..

So this might sound like a bad titel and i guess in someways it is but today it fits my general mental mood as i been working quite hard on my thesis today (5 hours straigh) and i have only filled maybe 1/5th of the actual total. Im working on the beginning and background, tomorrow im starting with the method part and then on Wednesday and Thursday i am planning on collecting the data to be able to analyze and discuss my findings based on that.

But yea new week and that means i am also starting a new form of blogposts, as stated in the last one i am incorporating more poems and lyrics and music videos into my posts as to give more depth to the posts i make.

And today well today i aint feeling up top, i actually feel quite drained and close to panic but i will keep it down and i will keep fighting until i get told its not good enough and that i need to add more *x of this* *x of that* kind of replies.

The final weeks are ontop of me now and after this i will finally be done with everything and can start moving towards a new goal!

So thats why todays lyric kinda fits the mood:

No Sanctuary by UNSECRET

Walking through the heart of the fire
It’s hard to keep moving forward
Living with my life on a wire again
Nothing in this world makes sense
And few things left feel holy
Lying in valleys with the dead
Everything’s barely holding on

No sanctuary
There’s no place to hide
No sanctuary
I’m lost in the fight
I can feel my soul turning with the clouds
Twisting up my bones in the breakdown
No sanctuary
There’s no place
No place to hide

You can listen to the song here:

I believe i have mentioned this song in a previous song but this song really found itself a meaning to me and it wasnt a little meaning either. To me no sanctuary means that there excist no place where i can hide from my emotions, my feelings or my own self and that its only to try and look at that place as a gateway into personal growth and self acceptance.

So yea tell me what you think about this new way of making posts =)


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