Monday i dont know if im holding up..

So this might sound like a bad titel and i guess in someways it is but today it fits my general mental mood as i been working quite hard on my thesis today (5 hours straigh) and i have only filled maybe 1/5th of the actual total. Im working on the beginning and background, tomorrow…… Continue reading Monday i dont know if im holding up..

Sunday thesis writing..

So yea today i decided to keep working on my thesis abit more, checking what i already had wrote and what else that i just could throw out cause it didnt fit anymore. So i decided to rewrite a big portion and change my structure abit more so it feels more fluid. I also added…… Continue reading Sunday thesis writing..

Tuesday the prep for the final exam is underway!

So today while trying to listen to a lecture i decided to work on the prep work for my final exam (thesis). We gotta send in some prep work by tomorrow but since i work all day i decided to make it and send it in today. I have designed a purpose, why this is…… Continue reading Tuesday the prep for the final exam is underway!

Lecture that was intresting

So yea today contained a very nice lecture and i feel like i learned quite alot even tho i was zoneing out at points cause i just couldnt focus.. But yea todays lecture taught us about new methods that we are gonna use for the final exam and i am pretty much clear on what…… Continue reading Lecture that was intresting

Sunday exam focus..

So yea the blogpost that i released earlier is something of an topic for this year cause it is something that i honestly believe deserve to be talked about and so many people are feeling ill or even falling ill as the world is looking today. So yes the theme of 2021 is mental health!…… Continue reading Sunday exam focus..

Friday working on the final exam

So i have been thinking when i were gonna bring this subject up again. Its been a while since i posted about exams, i feel like its been a while anyway maybe im wrong… But yea i have a week now until my final exam of the 6th semester is finally over and i am…… Continue reading Friday working on the final exam

Tuesday retake exam came back!

So today i got my retake exam i sent in 29th of December! Due date on the 30th of December, like i mean 6 days later and its back already thats some fast results! Wich i like not gonna lie! So what was this retake? Well it was the book reflection exam that i didnt…… Continue reading Tuesday retake exam came back!