So first some work, then when i got home i started reading the book for this week, it is an intresting subject but francly we will see if things get clear next lecture wich is on Wednesday! I am abit excited for this semester but also abit hesitant cause of math.. wich isnt my strong […]

Today i been kinda deep in thought, i just got side tracked abit while studying today as i was reading i started asking some average questions like “should i remove the last rose from last year, from my rosebush?” “Maybe the weather will be nicer tomorrow.” Things like i dont really think about on a […]

Today i woke up at 8am cause the phone downstairs were ringing.. I looked outside and the sun was shining abit, but clouds were waiting at the horizon! I went down had a small breakfast and then we went out for groceries. But as soon as i stepped outside it started raining… It is good […]