Sunday never say goodbye say i see you instead.

So today my friend left in the afternoon, but as soon as the train had left and i was walking back i caught myself thinking that we say goodbye to often. But a goodbye can be a very harsh thing to say cause it sounds so definite. What do i mean by that? I mean…… Continue reading Sunday never say goodbye say i see you instead.

Saturday sometimes its just easier to break..

Today is one of those days where i am looking at the good weather and just… Yea its been another weird day, but thats cause im fairly broken currently both mentally and emotionally cause i am unsure what i am supposed to feel at the moment. Today i was outside helping my dad, and all…… Continue reading Saturday sometimes its just easier to break..

Wednesday thoughts.

Yea today have been filled with thoughts and alot of thinking… I wanna know how many people really waste their time worry about who other people love/get married to/hook up with? Its a useless waste of energy worry about other peoples relationship instead of focusing on their own.. People put down others cause they are…… Continue reading Wednesday thoughts.

Tuesday this week is hard for me…

So yea this week really is feeling heavy on my mental health and its to the point where I feel abit to emotional for my own good. So yea where do I start on why I am feeling this way? Well I have my episodes where I dig myself down quite alot and try and…… Continue reading Tuesday this week is hard for me…

Saturday reflecting on myself

So it has been awhile since I posted this type of post where I will try get my mind down in text.. Yesterday after we went from my friends I started having this weird feeling again in my chest, it just didnt feel right and I couldnt and still cant put it into words as…… Continue reading Saturday reflecting on myself

Tuesday worried..

So this will be a short update cause today i been feeling alot of pressure based on both thesis and irl things as I am gonna talk to someone tomorrow my brain is trying to think up chaotic scenarios.. I just cant beat the thoughts down currently.. Well tomorrow im opening with the meeting and…… Continue reading Tuesday worried..

Monday not even the blue sky is “free”..

Today I feel under the weather cause there is so much going on in my head that i cant make sence of right or left even today. But like all days I keep walking just to make it to the end of the day. But thats not really how you should live a life is…… Continue reading Monday not even the blue sky is “free”..