Saturday sometimes its just easier to break..

Today is one of those days where i am looking at the good weather and just…

Yea its been another weird day, but thats cause im fairly broken currently both mentally and emotionally cause i am unsure what i am supposed to feel at the moment.

Today i was outside helping my dad, and all i could do was look up at the sky and thinking “its such a nice day and i cant even appreaciate the beauty of it any longer” thats where my head is at this moment of time.

I cant really do much about the current mindset cause the past 2 weeks i gone through so many thoughts and emotions and it has broken me in some kind of way. I am unsure how long this will keep going on and for now im focusing on appartment, work and trying to reset myself. After I have my appartment i will start looking into getting therapy cause i am pretty sure i am not supposed to feel like this at all.

The blackhole in my stomach is smaller but yea when everything has settled down I will look into getting better!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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