My name is Daniel but mostly called Dan in online circles, I am have a bachelor degree in younger kids education. I am a preschool teacher and I am also a gamer who enjoys a wide variety of games, the list of games I own can be found here: My Games

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Who am I?

Well hello there!

I am Dan an lover of games and a beginning digital artist who currently is doing my best to improve my digital art skills. I love spending time playing games and always looking forward to find new games to play either solo or together with others. Lately I have been getting more into playing Mario Party, Pokemon Snap and Brawlhalla. I still am playing Maplestory and occassionally Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero.

I finished my bachelor June 4th 2021, so currently I am getting used to work fulltime after 3.5 years of studies! Feels so unreal but its so much fun and I cant be more happy then I currently am with how my life is developing!

I am also working on a game called Faded Memories wich im currently writing script and planing out even more now! You can find the info about it here:

This website is used for:

Featuring my daily life, you will see my success, my struggles and everything in between on this website. You will see my emotions, my personality through my posts and I hope you will enjoy the blogposts I write every day!

The blog will be updated daily or as often as possible, I try and not make the time between blogposts go by 2 days! If a day is missed I will write about the missed day so you can call this a daily to bi-daily blog!

Things I like doing!




Game Developing

What am I currently doing?

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