About Me


This website will feature my daily life. You will see my success, my struggles and everything in between on this website. You will see my emotions, my personality through my posts and i hope you will enjoy the blogposts i write every day!

Who am i?

My name is Daniel but mostly called Dan in online circles, i am currently studying to get a bachelor degree in younger kids education. I am also a gamer who enjoys a wide variety of games, the list of games i own can be found here: My Games

What do i enjoy?

I love playing games ranging from mmorpgs all the way to card games. I really enjoy going to the theaters and watch movies on the big screen together with others. As of 2020 i am developing my own game that i plan on releasing in the future!

How does my daily life look like?

The blog will be updated daily or as often as possible, incase i have an exam period i wont really have time to do extensive updates but there might be a small post about how stressed or how much panic i have to finishing that said exam, but it will all be posted on the blog!