Well i didnt really know what to write in this post today and neither did something of fun happend but i did realise time flies by without slowing down and it made me fall back abit. So yea i am in the middle of writing a thesis 1 week have already passed and i have […]

So i been thinking back and realised how much i really changed the past 3 years. Back then i was timid, held back alot of internal decisions, mental issues, sadness and panic. Now the journey havent been easy, i still have days when i doubt, feel like shit and just dont want anymore. But one […]

So yea i dont know these past few days have been quite taxing on my mental state again, ever since i found that tarot reading video i have been feeling out of place with a heavy heart and mind. But when i get these moods its kinda good since it comes with a boost to […]

So yea my day started pretty good but took a bad turn and spun my mood 360 degrees in a few minutes.. So i been having alot on my mind together with other things i rather not deal with currently.. But today i was browsing youtube like normally trying to find both new music, new […]

So yes i am are here again to discuss strenghs and flaws. Well to be correct my flaws and strenghs. Its been 5 weeks already and the final days run by like there is no tomorrow for this internship and well thats actually true, i am doing my final internship and these are the final […]

So yea today ima just empty my thoughts and see what comes out really cause today i dont feel like talking about my internship or the cold that is here atm. Today was a good day but in all honesty every single day for the past few weeks have been great! But today after my […]

So yes for the first time in years i think, i gotten a feeling of proudness in myself about myself and its cause of this new sketching hobby, i always liked to draw but never been good or even giving myself time or even been taking space for myself to sit down and just tried […]

So 2020 is finally over and i am so happy it is, a new year and this started so much better then last year! Tho i was awake until 3am playing games with a friend but this was what I needed. I needed to recharge my batteries just by doing something small like this. 2021 […]

In the dark corner in the back of my head there is always a thought, a person or something that either whispers, walks around, or sits there silently watching. I saw a video today that contained a few lines of text that made me think of this dark corner i think everyone have sometime in […]