Sunday its time to remove the christmas!

So today i actually cleaned out the christmas from my appartment, it is now over for now and will be back in December again but yea today it all went into the storage! So christmas is over and all it left behind is abit of a feeling of melancholy and a reflection i have had…… Continue reading Sunday its time to remove the christmas!

Monday looking up onto the sky..

I have been wondering what is next in my life, i feel at peace for the first time in years. I dont judge me to hardly anymore and I see so much more things clearly then i did before. Yesterday evening i decided to stop being so hard on myself, I always been a person…… Continue reading Monday looking up onto the sky..

Sunday time flies!

Yea another reflection about the fact time flies. This weekend have really pushed the limits on how I been feeling. Yesterday pushed my feelings and emotions through the roof.. today I just feel drained.. So even tho the weekend is now over, I am drained today and the day just went by! Tomorrow is workday…… Continue reading Sunday time flies!

Sunday time really do fly.

Well i didnt really know what to write in this post today and neither did something of fun happend but i did realise time flies by without slowing down and it made me fall back abit. So yea i am in the middle of writing a thesis 1 week have already passed and i have…… Continue reading Sunday time really do fly.

Sunday exam focus..

So yea the blogpost that i released earlier is something of an topic for this year cause it is something that i honestly believe deserve to be talked about and so many people are feeling ill or even falling ill as the world is looking today. So yes the theme of 2021 is mental health!…… Continue reading Sunday exam focus..

Saturday in the dark corner…

In the dark corner in the back of my head there is always a thought, a person or something that either whispers, walks around, or sits there silently watching. I saw a video today that contained a few lines of text that made me think of this dark corner i think everyone have sometime in…… Continue reading Saturday in the dark corner…