Sunday time really do fly.

Well i didnt really know what to write in this post today and neither did something of fun happend but i did realise time flies by without slowing down and it made me fall back abit.

So yea i am in the middle of writing a thesis 1 week have already passed and i have hardly started cause not been able to focus at all… Im still kinda out of the loop but yea gonna start for real tomorrow.

But yea 9 weeks left of uni and then i will hopefully be completely done and never have to do it again, but in the same time i have started looking at my life, my relationships and my life goals abit closer.

I dont plan on spending my whole life working or even aim to do so, nah life is short and i realised well i have known this for a while but never really reflected on it to much. But the meaning with life is different for everyone, some work, some explore, some travel, some play games, some dont do anything but what you do is up to you and not everyone else.

Deep down i am regretting some choises i made but those choises have created the person i am today and that i dont wanna trade for anything. But my journey through life well it keeps changing, creating new branches and trails that change me as a person and my personality, but i have stopped being worried about alot of things but there are some things that never will cease to make me worry.

The journey have started and the steps i keep taking is a new direction that forms and makes up the roadmap for my life and when that map ends i hope i can and will be able to look back at the map and say “my life was okey and i traveled the map that had uncharted roads”

9 weeks left before the university road comes to an end. 9 weeks left until summer arrives!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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