Wednesday reading and taking notes for this coming friday!

Yes todays focus is on preparing for friday as its the final seminar where we oppose against eachothers work and give feedback on how we thought about the thesis the other person have written. Well it took me about 4 or 5 hours but I think I have a good enough feedback to give on…… Continue reading Wednesday reading and taking notes for this coming friday!

Sunday time really do fly.

Well i didnt really know what to write in this post today and neither did something of fun happend but i did realise time flies by without slowing down and it made me fall back abit. So yea i am in the middle of writing a thesis 1 week have already passed and i have…… Continue reading Sunday time really do fly.

Monday damn its cold!

To start off todays blogpost i wanna say i hope your temperature is higher then here! I am seeing the thermometer and it shows -21 degrees celsius.. I DONT WANNA LEAVE MY WARM BLANKETS! But yea monday and final week of internship.. It feels weird and abit sad that 4 soon 5 weeks already have…… Continue reading Monday damn its cold!