Today i finished reading for this weeks lecture after i was done with work, I have been walking back and forth thinking about how different my life have really turned the past only 5 years. The ability to reflect on life and how it really has changed i gotta say has been an absolute intresting […]

So for the past few months i havent been enjoying playing a game i really love playing but the fun have been sucked out of it completely.. But today i decided to do something about it and made a choise and boom it was as the weight on my shoulders went away, it was such […]

Today started 5:45am the earliest i gone up in quite some time! The problem is i woke up at 2am aswell and that kinda screwed my sleeping up so i been really low on energy throughout today.. The weather sadly was pretty bad… So om we couldnt go outside cause it was pouring down.. But […]