Monday damn its cold!

To start off todays blogpost i wanna say i hope your temperature is higher then here! I am seeing the thermometer and it shows -21 degrees celsius.. I DONT WANNA LEAVE MY WARM BLANKETS!

But yea monday and final week of internship.. It feels weird and abit sad that 4 soon 5 weeks already have gone by.. This marks the 4th and final internship i probably ever will have in my life. Its been so much fun and i enjoyed everyday. If i look back 3 years when i did my first semester i was timid and shy but now im here, believing in myself and are more confident in my professional role. Its been an amazing journey but it is coming to an end.

I have 15 weeks left of uni, i started abit over 120 weeks ago, 120 weeks have passed by and now is the final stretch of this bachelor degree!

With excitement and abit sadness i will miss it but i also am looking forward to finally be free of exams, lectures and being graded on everything you do!

But i am looking forward to being able to focus on other projects (mental health, streaming and sketching)!

Anyway new week new discoveries! Have a great start to your week!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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