Tuesday realising your own flaws..

So yes i am are here again to discuss strenghs and flaws. Well to be correct my flaws and strenghs.

Its been 5 weeks already and the final days run by like there is no tomorrow for this internship and well thats actually true, i am doing my final internship and these are the final few days of doing them..

I feel abit sad but happy at the same time cause its abit of an conflicting feeling… But also i feel free that i have managed to not give up and gone through with this.

Cause one of my flaws are that i almost everytime i try something new i wanna throw in the towel and give up when it gets to hard.. But these past years in the uni have taught me that i am stronger then i think and i just have to try again if i fall. Its not dangerous.

But yes i can now proudly say i have passed all exams for the past 6 semesters and can focus fully on this final one with a total of 4 written exams to go!

But ima sidetrack and go back to talking about strenghs and flaws again. A strengh of mine is that i am not short on ideas if i dare voice them! But a flaw is i tend to work on to many at the same time.. But i dont wanna wake up one day and feel regret. So my many ideas and my chaotic way on handling them is my way of living with as few regrets as possible.

For now my 2 biggest projects are:

Finish my bachelor and Project: Mental health wich is something i just recently started you can read more here:


But yea tomorrow is Wednesday so halfway of this week is done!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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