Tuesday feelings of gratitude…

I have been thinking back about this year of 2021 and yea this year has really changed so many things for me that its crazy! After 6 years since i first set out on my journey to become a preschool teacher i finally reached the journeys end and it has really been teaching me alot…… Continue reading Tuesday feelings of gratitude…

Tuesday is a day of thoughts.

Today really have been spent thinking about my feelings and how important it isbto acknowledge what feelings you have. Lately i have been wondering what feelings am I feeling nowadays, but I also know and knew how I have been feeling. Its been a longtime since I honestly felt like i had other emotions then…… Continue reading Tuesday is a day of thoughts.

Tuesday this was an enounter by fate!

So a few weeks ago, I started following a person on twitter, this person tweeted alot of dark stuff but somehow in the middle of it all I saw light and goodness. The weeks since then have not really been anything special but I keep getting drawn into what this person tweets. I couldnt /…… Continue reading Tuesday this was an enounter by fate!

Friday growth..

So i been thinking back and realised how much i really changed the past 3 years. Back then i was timid, held back alot of internal decisions, mental issues, sadness and panic. Now the journey havent been easy, i still have days when i doubt, feel like shit and just dont want anymore. But one…… Continue reading Friday growth..

Tuesday realising your own flaws..

So yes i am are here again to discuss strenghs and flaws. Well to be correct my flaws and strenghs. Its been 5 weeks already and the final days run by like there is no tomorrow for this internship and well thats actually true, i am doing my final internship and these are the final…… Continue reading Tuesday realising your own flaws..

Friday 2020 is gone HELLO 2021!

So 2020 is finally over and i am so happy it is, a new year and this started so much better then last year! Tho i was awake until 3am playing games with a friend but this was what I needed. I needed to recharge my batteries just by doing something small like this. 2021…… Continue reading Friday 2020 is gone HELLO 2021!