Friday growth..

So i been thinking back and realised how much i really changed the past 3 years.

Back then i was timid, held back alot of internal decisions, mental issues, sadness and panic.

Now the journey havent been easy, i still have days when i doubt, feel like shit and just dont want anymore. But one thing i never feel anymore is that i gotta say sorry for who i am. I wont do that anymore you can accept me for who i am or dont but why even bother talking to me then?

I am more confident today, one thing for certain is that i wont revert to who i was cause i keep moving no matter what hardships are in my way, no matter how pissed off or angry i am it goes away and i move on.

So today i just wanna say:

– Dont try and hide your quirks, sadness, anger, happiness, depression, joy, positivity cause the real you is the best you (currently) but remember you will keep changing, evolving and become a better you for tomorrow.


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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