Sunday thesis writing..

So yea today i decided to keep working on my thesis abit more, checking what i already had wrote and what else that i just could throw out cause it didnt fit anymore. So i decided to rewrite a big portion and change my structure abit more so it feels more fluid. I also added…… Continue reading Sunday thesis writing..

Tuesday the prep for the final exam is underway!

So today while trying to listen to a lecture i decided to work on the prep work for my final exam (thesis). We gotta send in some prep work by tomorrow but since i work all day i decided to make it and send it in today. I have designed a purpose, why this is…… Continue reading Tuesday the prep for the final exam is underway!

Tuesday such a long day of uni studies!

So yea i been wondering abit today cause francly it seems i was not the only one wondering about what happend to our lectures on Wednesdays wich we been told about pretty much since day one at this bachelor. But yea for the next 5 weeks i am having lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays and…… Continue reading Tuesday such a long day of uni studies!

Monday back at work!

So yes its back to work today and i am really enjoying the feeling of being back, the internship gave me alot of things to reflect upon and what can be applicable for my workplace. But yes i feel really happy that i am back and with a new kind of energy, the question is…… Continue reading Monday back at work!

Saturday thinking of the future.

So yea im finishing this bachelor in June, hopefully aslong as the big final exam will be done well! I would lie if i wasnt worried about it, but i will do my best and fight with it to make sure it flows in a good way aswell as being relevant towards the thing i…… Continue reading Saturday thinking of the future.

Tuesday realising your own flaws..

So yes i am are here again to discuss strenghs and flaws. Well to be correct my flaws and strenghs. Its been 5 weeks already and the final days run by like there is no tomorrow for this internship and well thats actually true, i am doing my final internship and these are the final…… Continue reading Tuesday realising your own flaws..

Wednesday seminar about Dance and Theatrical education!

Today was a intresting day, we got practical education on how to use Dance and Theatrical subjects in our line of work. Much improvisation but also alot of hands on tips and trix to think and reflect about. Half the week is already over, now 2 more days of this week is left and then…… Continue reading Wednesday seminar about Dance and Theatrical education!

Sunday another early start..

So today started like yesterday at 6:40 and i could not go back to sleep.. I even had to close my window today cause i was freezing… The day kept going and the temperature kept rising, and it seems we are keeping this heat a while longer before the real fall weather will come. Starting…… Continue reading Sunday another early start..

Thursday all my books are on the way!

So this past Monday i ordered all the books i had left to get for next semester, i been waiting for a confirmation email that they are being sent to me every single day since Monday evening. But today at 5pm i got the confirmation that they been packed and are awaiting to be sent.…… Continue reading Thursday all my books are on the way!