Today have been one of those days when i finally decide to sit down to see what comes to mind reguarding the exam i have that is due tomorrow! After some reading up a definition of the term that the exam was all about i decided to think how i can incorporate the pure essence […]

So today i spent all day finishing recording, fixing, changing, recording and so on and when i finally was done with the Powerpoint… well then i noticed i needed to change the power point into a mp4 file so instead of spending 2 hours using the converter buildin power point i recorded my screen with […]

Today i been sitting once again with the exam and just trying to get something down… the problem is nothing happends, no ideas nothing pops up and i sit hour upon hour now trying to finish this .. I am reading the exam details and i try come up with something but nope im drawing […]

Today started weirdly.. I woke up by someone screaming.. (noone was screaming) but i dreamt someone was screaming probably… Then when i woke up to go get ready and have breakfast i felt like someone punched my head.. was weird. Work was fine and went really fast as always! Went to do some grocery shopping […]

Today i really sleept like a horse! I dont regret sleeping this long or this hard it was amazing! But i also felt completely dead the rest of the day tho.. But when you sleept that good then it is ok to be tired… I was also able to show the game progress i done […]

This week is so nice! Sun is shining, work and a really enjoyable day all together! After work was done it was time to do some grocery shopping and then get home, do some studying and preperation for an exam! I do feel like i am finally slowly getting on track with this semester. Only […]

Today i woke up before my alarm, that normally dont happend.. But i guess my mind decided that i needed to wake up… The project we have to work on for this semester also got updated with some new ways to present it so, that was good! I do wonder what the rest of the […]

Today have been spent with writing my exam! I managed to finish both second and third part of the exam.. inclued all required sources… The real problem is that even tho there are instructions on what needs to be in the exam.. I am not sure if i have that… the formulation in the exam […]

So today i spent working on this horrible exam that is due on Monday morning, but i am gonna send it in tomorrow! This exam took me three intense days to just get to second part of the exam… This exam is one of the worst ones i have had since i started uni.. that […]

Yes first i wanna say that i know my blogging has been abit sporadic with more double posts the past weeks. Just to much in my head that i sometimes just crash asleep at evenings… But i will try get back into my groove after this exam. Now lets jump into todays post! Today have […]