Wednesday no energy

So yea i kinda had no energy at all today like, i have been drained completely and just been forced in lieing in bed.. All times for a selftest was taken today when i checked so i booked one for tomorrow so yea. Hopefully that will be fine! Tomorrow i gotta finish my last exam…… Continue reading Wednesday no energy

Saturday, food, gaming and just talking.

So yea today have been spent with getting and preparing food, watching something on netflix aswell as playing some marioparty and it has been good enough to actually spend the day doing that. It has been exactly what was needed for the day and now i am preparing myself for next week as we have…… Continue reading Saturday, food, gaming and just talking.

Tuesday the prep for the final exam is underway!

So today while trying to listen to a lecture i decided to work on the prep work for my final exam (thesis). We gotta send in some prep work by tomorrow but since i work all day i decided to make it and send it in today. I have designed a purpose, why this is…… Continue reading Tuesday the prep for the final exam is underway!

Monday reading a book can be great!

So back to internship for the second week now and it is gonna be another intresting week! As i am still working on the theme with snow and ice! I have a few more ideas on what i will incorporate with the theme and it feels good to be doing this! Today i was reading…… Continue reading Monday reading a book can be great!

Thursday seminar and exam sent in!

So today i got of work abit earlier cause i had a examination seminar wich i had to attend to in order to get a potential passing grade on it.. But yea after that was done i did some last minute changes of the exam and sent it in so now its just to pray…… Continue reading Thursday seminar and exam sent in!

Friday working on the final exam

So i have been thinking when i were gonna bring this subject up again. Its been a while since i posted about exams, i feel like its been a while anyway maybe im wrong… But yea i have a week now until my final exam of the 6th semester is finally over and i am…… Continue reading Friday working on the final exam

Wednesday presentation exam!

Today was the final exam for this subject and it was a presentation exam, showing our movie that we made 2 weeks back! The presentation went fast and was fun and talk about, i just pray i will be passing the math exam from yesterday but you never know… In 2 weeks i will be…… Continue reading Wednesday presentation exam!

Wednesday headache and an exam…

So today i have had a headache for a big part of the day but got an exam i need to finish.. The exam consist of reading 4 english articles about math and the more i read them the more i can relate to what i read. Then after reading i need to reflect on…… Continue reading Wednesday headache and an exam…