Yes this mornings lectures started at 8:30am with an exam in how to handle conflicts! It was a really nice and intresting exam. It did teach me how an conflict goes through 3 stages (either up or down) and how to work on resolving them. After that was done i had to go to have […]

Today started abit early, with a 1.5 hour cardrive to get to the uni. When we got there it was time for introduction and a lesson in how to handle conflicts, wich we have an exam on tomorrow! Then it was lunch, i didnt have a big lunch a sandwich cause i wasnt hungry at […]

Yes today i worked a full day and what a day it has been, i have been out in the rain and it was abit cold but noone really minded. The time flew by before lunch and then it was time for the afternoon before i got to go home. When i got home i […]

Today have been a day that has been hard on me for various reasons. For a really personal reason i been nervous all day. For another reason i been stressed out cause an exam thats due next week. But i also been trying to fix together some type of text for an exam next Wednesday. […]

Yes today i spent online looking at pictures from our biology exam and trying to verify what different species they were… 5 hours spending at googling, checking books and googling some more. 2 hours trying to write up some kind of text for the exam and also checking the book for reference points. Tomorrow is […]