Monday reading a book can be great!

So back to internship for the second week now and it is gonna be another intresting week! As i am still working on the theme with snow and ice!

I have a few more ideas on what i will incorporate with the theme and it feels good to be doing this!

Today i was reading after lunch and i read 1.5 books for all kids and then i noticed they didnt have energy left so i let them go and one still wanted to listen so i kept reading and it was a nice moment. Cause the book really did awoke the intrest for reading so it felt really nice.

It wasnt a short book either so it took about 10-15 minutes more to finish it but it was a good book!

Now i also got a notification from Uni about the subject for the final big exam and i got what i wanted so now i just need to try formulate a few questions that i wanna study!

But for now tomorrow is Tuesday so lets go!


By Dan

Swedish, preschool teacher, learning more about life and myself every single day!

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